B2B eCommerce includes online, sales of products and services between the two companies. This is exactly opposite to B2C which describes here online business between the company and the individual customers from the entire world.

Maximum of people generally suggest B2C eCommerce without knowing the techniques of B2B platforms. It should be very clear while choosing a B2B eCommerce project.

Four features everyone should look for while selecting a B2B eCommerce process.

Consumer specific pricing. It’s imperious that the platform supports this feature.

Estimate to order process. One price does not fit all in the business and the values of dealers are very high. So it is imperious to make custom offers and then consumers will make decisions.

Multiple customers in every merchant account. Every merchant will have a team of users to make purchases decisions.

Workflow and approval process. Right decision making is important and the merchant team will be able to collaborate internally.

The rest of B2C features like eCommerce flexibility, product catalog, integration, etc will help customers.

B2B is going to be the next big impact in the online market and trends are very positive for this market. 93% of users in this segment after researching everything and then they are finalizing their products here. 90% savings in operating and sales costs by merchants those who launched B2B web platforms.

Why is B2B E-Commerce software is important?

Companie those who are not investing in digital platforms are rapidly falling in their competition. Without involving digital platforms, companies will lose their customers. Without doing any investment in the B2B eCommerce platform can end up losing out on millions of dollars in revenue. B2B buyers specify choosing a product from the website is easier than buying from the sales representatives and 93% of peoples choosing an online platform. This only set to increase your business model and takes over the workforce.

Differences between B2C and B2B eCommerce

The main difference between B2C and B2B eCommerce is the targeted audience. This one strand has the potential of bringing huge changes in the entire dynamics. Here, we are sharing some of the differences between the two eCommerce platforms.

Price of the Product:

For B2B platforms there are spirited pricing for all the orders listed on the store. There can be aggregate discounts. You can list the option to share the quotation only ultimatum. But in B2C platforms, the prices for the orders is fixed. Here customers might get some discounts via coupon code and lightning deals.

Aggregate of products ordered:

The amount of order done by B2B customers is very less compared to B2C customers ordered. But a single B2B order has the potential to suffice the cost of various B2C orders. You might not see the many differences in scores, but it adds the value of orders.

Web Traffic:

If you compare the sales and traffic of B2C and B2B consumers you can find a very immense difference in conversion rate. B2B traffic is less but it grows the rate of B2C promptly.


B2B platform frequently works on the customization to make happy the requirements of business. While selling products on the B2C market, the maximum you choose for standard products. In the B2B market, you can make on-demand products and can share the quotes exactly as per the customization.

Tax Credits:

In the B2C platform, you can charge tax for the customers on their sales and here they can’t claim it back. If you sell your products in B2B consumers, you can share the tax invoice that can be claimed. Here the business is getting largely benefit for you. 

Order limitations:

In B2B orders there are some limitations in placing an order. Minimum quantity of orders that could be placed to get a discount. But in B2C there are no limitations to place an order.


B2B customers will ask quotations in various clients and they will choose more close to the profitable B2B deals. But in B2C the purchase process is very easy and the same. You simply need to enter your contact details and payment details to place your order.

Payment and shipment terms:

In B2B the quantity of the order is very high due to which the time of delivery is increased and as per bulk order. The payment terms also can vary in terms of B2B sales. 

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