What are the important things should we focus on the eCommerce website?

  1. Every business company is having its own custom necessity and these off the shelf products need to be personalized as per your company requirements.
  2. So, CronJ will be advised having your project scope complete with a vision of a phase-wise approach where you keep your prime concern and get the website accordingly.
  3. CronJ will focus on landing pages and bread crumbs, because navigation should be very clear and correct for the customers, it will tempt customers to buy more products from your website.
  4. Customers have to get the products with a minimum number of clicks.

How CronJ eCommerce Development services are different from others?

  • CronJ will assist our clients to best in the field to different situations of their business.
  • We have the best eCommerce app developers to deliver the projects on time.
  • Our technical team will overcome the modern technical problems.
  • CronJ will upgrade your old platforms with new features.
  • Our developing team having the enormous experience to give the proper easy websites for customers as well as our clients in order to do the easy shopping and easy navigation.
  • CronJ developing team will analyze the client requirement and will provide the best design as per your requirements.

How eCommerce helps to improve your business?

  • Ecommerce companies reduce people’s efforts in order to get the basic needs of the people. Maximum of product companies are looking for eCommerce sites to improve their business in the right way. eCommerce websites will give personal branding for the products.
  • Ecommerce will help you to reach your products to more people.
  • Creating an eCommerce website is a very less cost to compare build a new store for your products.
  • In eCommerce, you can amend and calculate your budget according to your business. It is very easy to amend your business and you can grow according to your business aspects.

What process does CronJ follow for my eCommerce website development?

CronJ follows the agile software development process with periodic scrum meetings. In the scrum meeting, we will discuss the goal and what has to be done. Daily stand-ups 15 minutes meeting which will occur on a daily basis. In this meeting, the team will discuss

  • Sprint progress
  • Backlog discussion
  • Individual updates

What would be the team structure for an ideal eCommerce project?

An ideal team structure include

1 Project Manager

1 Team Leader

2 Front End developer

2 Back End Developer

1 Graphic Designer

1 Quality Analyst 

This is the basic structure and depending on the requirement CronJ might increase/decrease the number of developers.

How does CronJ handle bugs during Ecommerce Development?

CronJ developers follow the industry’s best practices to ensure the best quality code. We use JIRA/Trello for managing the project. There will be a dedicated single point of contact to coordinate with our clients 24/7.

What are the ways to hire an eCommerce development company?

We are having an efficient hiring program that will assist you to hire the best eCommerce app developers at a manageable cost. Our experienced developers who developed various eCommerce sites by using current technologies. Our team will assure you to update the latest technologies and business needs. Hiring eCommerce developers have to be a bit safe because your project should be in safe hands. 

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